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S6 Pre-application Interview

The pre-application interview is offered to all final-year LEAPS-eligible students and is an opportunity to discuss your application to college or university, including potential course choices, experience and achievements, and the personal statement.

S6 What is LEAPS? Talk

This short presentation is delivered to the whole of the S6 cohort and is designed to remind you about LEAPS and outline what support is on offer in S6.

This presentation usually takes place between August and September in school.

Creative Extras

Creative Extras is a series of activities for final-year LEAPS-eligible students who are applying to higher education creative courses, namely art and design, journalism, acting, film and music.

S5 Introduction to Higher Education

This presentation explains who we (the LEAPS team!) are, what we do, and also outlines LEAPS eligibility criteria.

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The LEAPS 1:1 Interview

Final-year LEAPS-eligible students, complete the online survey form hereThe LEAPS 1:1 Interview is an opportunity

Sign-up to the S5Hub

S5 LEAPS-eligible students - if you didn't complete the form during the LEAPS talk in school, sign-up here to the 

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