Our Eligibility Criteria

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Our Eligibility Criteria

Students matching the below criteria are entitled to LEAPS support.

LEAPS Group 1 Schools

We support any student in a Group 1 school who has the potential to achieve a minimum of 3 highers by the time they finish school.

LEAPS Group 2 Schools

In Group 2 schools, we support students who have the potential to achieve a minimum of 3 highers by the time they finish school and match one or more of the following LEAPS eligibility criteria:


  • student who is first generation in family to apply to higher education or whose parents do not already have a degree. This includes students who parents may have briefly participated in higher education but did not achieve a degree. (Please note that a student whose parent/guardian/carer has achieved any degree ­– irrespective of mode of study, type of institution, location of study – would not be LEAPS eligible under this criterion.)
  • student from a low income background (for instance, where a student is entitled to EMA, free meals in school, or where the family is on income support).
  • student who has spent time in care or being looked after.
  • student who is a young carer - by this we mean a young person who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support. 


If you are unsure if you or an individual is eligible for LEAPS support, please contact us for clarification.