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Coronavirus Update

Last updated 26th August 2021.

The LEAPS team is working from home until further notice, but we are very much still here to support you.

S6 LEAPS Pre-UCAS Interview

The LEAPS Pre-UCAS Interview is offered to all final-year LEAPS-eligible students and is an opportunity to discuss your application to college or university, including potential course choices, experience and achievements to date, and the personal statement. We will also confirm LEAPS eligibility at this interview, so it is vital not to miss it.

S6 What is LEAPS? Talk

Our short online S6 What is LEAPS? presentation reminds you about the support LEAPS offers to LEAPS-eligible students in your final year of school.

Latest News

The LEAPS Pre-UCAS Interview

Final-year students, find out more about the LEAPS Pre-UCAS Interview here.

S6 What is LEAPS? Talk

Final-year students, please click here to watch our S6 What is LEAPS? talk to find out more about the support LEAPS offers.

Writing Your UCAS Personal Statement

Our online resources will help you to write the perfect UCAS Personal Statement, wherever you plan to apply!

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