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LEAPS Survey - Guidance for Link Teachers

Every autumn, LEAPS, with the help of its partners, conduct around 2000 pre-UCAS guidance interviews for your students who are planning to apply to college and university. We sometimes call this the LEAPS pre-UCAS interview, or the LEAPS 1:1 interview.

These interviews are designed to give guidance to potential applicants, advise students of likely offers (including contextual admissions, where these apply), confirm LEAPS Eligibility, and also to submit pre-application enquiries to universities where appropriate.


LEAPS Survey, and further instructions for Link Teachers:

LEAPS Survey is the database which is used to administrate this interview process. All students need to fill in their LEAPS survey questionnaire, prior to their interview.

Please take the time to read through the LEAPS Survey Link Teacher instructions, here, which includes the LEAPS tagline.

Please also find two screen capture videos below.


The LEAPS Survey Schools screen - a short guide for teachers




Teachers guide to taking students through LEAPS survey ahead of interviews




You can also find guidance for students about the LEAPS 1:1 interview here, which we encourage you to share with your students.


What are contextual admissions?

Contextual admissions are an adjustment which universities may make to the entry requirements for certain students, in recognition of the barriers these students face. Some universities may make offers to LEAPS students based on minimum entry requirements rather than typical entry requirements, or make offers between the minimum and typical offer. All universities are different, which is why it’s important for students to receive guidance on contextual admissions in their LEAPS 1:1 interview. If you as a Link Teacher have a question about a student or offer, please contact us.

You can find student information on university entry requirements, including contextual offers, here.


What is a pre-application enquiry?

As part of a LEAPS Pre-UCAS interview, LEAPS may submit a pre-application enquiry to a university, on a student’s behalf. This is when LEAPS contact admissions tutors to find out the academic conditions they expect, to be made an offer. You can find out more, on our S6 student blog here.


What does the Link Teacher do, to administer the LEAPS pre-UCAS interviews?

  • Identify students in their school who are eligible for the LEAPS 1:1 interview. All LEAPS eligible students planning to apply to a HNC or HND or university programme, should have a LEAPS pre-UCAS interview.
  • Liaise with LEAPS staff and students to create a 1:1 interview schedule.
  • Ensure students have completed the LEAPS Survey (see below for more information)
  • Ensure there are appropriate interview spaces and facilities in the school for interviewers. This includes providing a private space for interviewers and students to speak uninterrupted, and letting interviewers know where the toilets and staff room are (tea making facilities are always appreciated!).
  • OR if the interviews are conducted remotely (such as during COVID-19) ensuring students have a phone to conduct the interview on, and a private space to speak.
  • Let LEAPS staff know if there is essential background information which might impact on a student’s guidance interview.
  • Post interview, check students have had their LEAPS eligibility confirmed, and ensure the LEAPS tagline is on the student’s Academic Reference. Please see the document below for more information on the LEAPS tagline.


If you have any questions about the LEAPS 1:1 interviews, or LEAPS Survey, get in touch!