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About the LEAPS S5 Conference Online Resources

Thank you for taking the time to access our LEAPS S5 Conference Online resources (below). 

These resources are intended for LEAPS-eligible S5 students from our Group 1+, Group 1 and Group 2 schools who are aiming for higher education at college or university. We hope these resources help you to explore your options further, wherever you plan to apply!

If you are in S5 but at another school in Scotland, then you might still find this web page useful – just keep in mind that some of the information may not apply to you.

We suggest you watch each of the recordings/presentations in the order they appear below, and we have provided time codes with each recording if you are looking for specific information. Please note, this information is valid as of May 2021.

Fundamentals of Applying to University and College

In our Fundamentals of Applying to University and College recording (clip length 10 minutes) you’ll hear about online resources and support from LEAPS (time code 02:32), the basics of applying to university and college (time code 03:33), how to choose what and where you want to study (time code 04:46), subject and career exploration and research (06:37) and routes into higher education (time code 08:45).


If you are unable to access the recording, you can download this PDF of our Fundamentals of Applying to University and College annotated presentation slides.

Useful links mentioned in Fundamentals of Applying to University and College:

LEAPS S5Hub (helpful blog posts if you’re thinking about college or university)

LEAPS S5Hub blog post – ‘Career and Course Exploration during COVID-19’ (how to do it online)

LEAPS S5Hub Sign-up (register for updates)

Strengthening Your Application to University and College

In our Strengthening Your Application recording (clip length 14 minutes), you will hear about ways in which you can make your application stronger. We consider what admissions tutors are looking for (time code 00:21), your skills, experience and career exploration (time code 03:00) and how these can be included in your personal statement. We also look at what's coming next, and how LEAPS can support you in the next stage of your application process (time code 11:41).


If you are unable to access the recording, you can download this PDF of our Strengthening Your Application to University and College annotated presentation slides.

Useful links mentioned in Strengthening Your Application to University and College: 

LEAPS S5Hub (helpful blog posts if you’re thinking about college or university)

LEAPS Course Checker Form (fill out this form to receive tailored advice and guidance with your S6 subject choices and any college or university plans you might be considering)

LEAPS Results Day Helpline

LEAPS S5Hub blog post – Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

Student Panel

In our Student Panel recording (clip length 35 minutes), you will hear from current university students who volunteer with LEAPS about aspects of their own student experience.

You will hear how they decided which courses to apply for (time code 02:52), different accommodation types (time code 08:59), how teaching and learning at university is different from school (time code 15:05), managing money and working while studying for your degree (time code 23:47), social opportunities at university (time code 26:42) and what they wish they had known about applying to university when they were in S5 (time code 31:47).


University & Local College Contact Information

We recommend contacting universities and colleges directly if you have any queries that you are unable to find the answer to via their websites or prospectuses. They have dedicated members of staff to help you with any questions you might have!

To help you with this, you can find contact details for all Scottish universities and for local colleges in our University and Local College Contacts Information Sheet.

LEAPS Course Checker

The LEAPS team are here to provide information, advice and guidance to help you move forward with your college and university aspirations. Some university and college courses will require specific subjects, at specific levels (e.g. National 5, Higher), for entry and this may impact your S6 choices.

Complete our LEAPS Course Checker Form for advice on your S6 subject choices and to ensure that your choices are keeping your options open for post-school plans.

LEAPS S5 Parents’ & Carers’ Information Session

Please share our online LEAPS S5 Parents' & Carers' Information Session with your parents and carers!

The session is designed to help them support you as you explore your higher education options.

If your parents or carers would like to receive occasional updates from LEAPS, they can sign-up to our parents’ and carers’ mailing list here.


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If so, please complete our short online evaluation survey here!

Thanks very much,

The LEAPS Team

The LEAPS team is working from home until further notice, but if you have any queries about LEAPS or your higher education options please contact us – we’re here to help!