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LEAPS was created with the aim of encouraging and advising students who are traditionally under-represented in higher education. We support young people in South East Scotland who are considering higher education and currently work in 59 schools with students who match LEAPS eligibility criteria. If you are unsure if you are LEAPS eligible, you can check our criteria here.

We provide impartial advice and guidance about the higher education options available to you after you leave school and we organise events and activities (both in and out of school) to help prepare you for the higher education application process and for the step up to higher education study. Find out more about the activities we offer here.

We are a partnership organisation, which includes all of the higher education institutions in Edinburgh. We are also a genuinely multi-exit programme and we will support you regardless of which higher education institution you hope to apply to. LEAPS-eligible pupils have gone on to study at higher education institutions all over Scotland and beyond.

If you have any questions, please get in touch!

What's coming up?

S6 UCAS Catch-up and Summer School Workshop

This workshop is for LEAPS-eligible students who have applied to university and provides an overview of the post-application UCAS process, including the different types of UCAS offers, how to respond to them, finance, post-application visit days and potential college appl

S6 Sessions

The LEAPS S6 Sessions are a series of workshops and activities designed to help you put in an excellent application, and then aid the transition, to  university or college.

We have two S6 Sessions taking place in March.

S5 Parents' Information Evening

Parents, guardians and carers of LEAPS-eligible students are invited to attend our S5 Parents' Information Evening, which offers an introduction to student finance, college and university options.

S5 Conference

The S5 Conference is a campus-based event designed to help you take the first steps towards higher education. It offers information and advice to help you make the right decisions about your future studies.

S5 Interviews

This is a one-to-one thirty-minute interview with a member of the LEAPS team for students who have the potential to achieve a minimum of 3 Highers over 2 sittings, and therefore the potential to go on to higher education.