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Share Your Memories of LEAPS

Celebrating 25 Years of LEAPS - share your memories with us!

LEAPS has been promoting access to Higher Education since 1996.

To help us celebrate 25 years of LEAPS we are asking members of the LEAPS community, past and present, to share their memories of the LEAPS programme!

Perhaps you attended a LEAPS summer school, or volunteered with us to deliver workshops to school pupils. Maybe you are a LEAPS link teacher who sees the impact of LEAPS on students, or perhaps you are a LEAPS student yourself! You might work at one of our partner universities, supporting us to deliver our programme. 

Whatever your connection to LEAPS, we would love to hear any memories you have to share - be it a funny story, a thank you message, or a testimonial about the impact that you feel your LEAPS experience had on you.

These memories will be shared (anonymously, if you wish) via our communications. This may be in print, online, or via our LEAPS social media channels. We look forward to reading them! 

You can find us on Twitter @leaps1996 and Instagram @leaps1996 - please do follow us!

If you have any queries, please do contact us.


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